Usb Hdd Enclosures

Definition :
A usb hdd enclosure is basically a specially designed chassis and power disk drives at the same time provide a mechanism to enable them to communicate with one or more separate computer.


  • Add extra storage and media types of small and embedded notebook computers and closed, such as digital video recorders and video game systems, game consoles.
  • Add RAID approach, the lack of computer drives or RAID controllers sufficient additional space.
  • Add more drives, a server or workstation than their chassis can accommodate.
  • Metastasis sneakernet joke known as the non-networked computers, data.
  • Added a separate power source connected to the computer easily and can move the backup power supply.
  • Use network-attached storage through the network to share information, or low-cost off-site backup solution casing.
  • To prevent an increase in operating computer disk thermal heat within the chassis.
  • Simple and inexpensive method of heat exchange.
  • Recover data from damaged hard drive, especially if they are not used for maintenance with the same parts of the computer interface.
  • Reduce mobile storage and for internal use designed to reuse the hardware cost.
  • In some cases, chassis reinforcement to prevent wear and tear.

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